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Christine Haynie, MA, OTR Ret. 


Recent events, too many to count, have put Oregon, indeed the whole country at a tipping point.  Here in Oregon we have a real chance to rectify some of the impacts these events have and will  cause.  Voters in HD 6 have the great good fortune to have Dan Davis running to be their representative.  I have known him for many years and have always been impressed by his intelligence, honesty, integrity and passion for improving the lives of Oregonians, protecting the planet and all the creatures who live upon it against the threats posed by climate change, standing up for women and women’s rights and advocating for health care for all.  Dan also has the practical experience  and skills that would serve him well as our next HD6 representative.  He is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, small business man, and  has held a number of seats on local boards such as the Rogue Valley Transportation District. He has been active in securing better care for Veterans.  As your representative he will listen to all constituents regardless of party affiliation, will be an active member of the legislature, and will work with all to get things done and ensure Oregon continues to be a place where we all want to live.  Vote Dan Davis, HD6 State Representative. 

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