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Tonia Moro

Medford attorney and community activist

I have been privileged to serve with and befriend Dan Davis for many years now.  Dan and I have been on the Board of the Rogue Valley Transportation District together since 2016.  We share the 2017 Outstanding Public Transportation Board Member, Oregon Transit Association award for our work on the Board and particularly, our work engaging and persuading our community to make a local investment in transit through a levy.


Dan knows the power of good governance and the power of ensuring access to it for all.  He is a good steward of the public resources of RVTD;  he recognizes and fosters the engagement of overachieving staff;  and also knows that policy makers must make tough decisions and bring new perspectives to ensure our community - and all of our community -  is resilient and capable of solving our problems together.  Please vote for Dan Davis.  We need him in Salem to do some important work over the next two year.

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