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Gun Safety

We have a tragic gun problem in our country, and it is past time to work to solve it. I am a veteran who carried a .38 pistol and M-16 in Viet Nam. I am a supporter of our great Constitution including the second amendment (original intent) and a current gun owner. Today’s weapons of war are far, far different from the "Arms of the 18th century."  Today's assault weapons are designed to be weapons of mass destruction.  Please click on this link and read the story by an ex-cop and firearms expert writing about the AR-15 style assault rifle like the one used in the deadly Uvalde school shooting and many other places:


We have so many innocents being murdered in our country in ever-increasing numbers. As a combat-wounded veteran, I do not buy the tired and untrue arguments that laws and regulations make no difference. If so, then why have any laws at all? The answer is we need laws to protect ourselves and our families form wrongdoing.

No other civilized place on Earth has such a massive problem with gun murders and it is way past time to deal with this. I fear for my grandchildren in schools as well as family, loved ones and friends all because a small minority of vocal and well-funded groups and businesses want to enhance business and profits. They and their well-oiled politicians have a moral and social obligation as citizens and beneficiaries of our great country to work with other citizens to correct this major horrific societal problem before even more innocent lives are destroyed.

Surely selling more semi-automatic AR-15 type assault weapons of war to unstable unqualified persons can in no way be more important than children’s lives! I defy any contrary answer! We need commonsense gun regulation just as we do with all machines that can kill, and especially those designed specifically to kill.

I mourn for all those small children and adults murdered, wounded and traumatized, whose right to live was stolen from them by the use of weapons of war designed and sold to kill many people quickly. I mourn also our for our lost soldiers and survivors (veterans and I mourn also for our country for which I lost blood and innocence in Viet Nam, which has been deeply wounded and traumatized so many times by mass shooting with war weapons allowed to be in the wrong hands due to lax and no regulation of deadly killing machines.



Assault weapons, like AR-15s, really have no business in civilian hands. They have no purpose except to kill many people quickly and terribly.  These are way beyond a simple killing machine as these bullets cause massive internal damage and can decapitate and amputate. I hope it never happens to any of you!



Ammo magazines need to be limited for sure to less than10 rounds (my preference would be zero for these assault-style weapons).  Intelligence and common sense dictates that the problem of mass murders that it is too easy access to guns unsuitable for hunting, target practice, and/or home protection.

We need to face real facts and unvarnished truth: GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM and need to be regulated! Meanwhile there is no possible civilian need for unlimited rounds of this terrible ammunition and and that needs to be controlled.

We could follow the lead of New York on this issue who just signed into law 10 gun safety laws, including raising the age for purchase of assault weapons, for starters. Listening to common sense, logic and compassion, the New York legislature stopped dithering while children die! Other states as well as New York are taking common sense legal action and trying to protect lives including my grandchildren and friends who live there.​  We need to do similar here in Oregon.



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