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Health Care

Quality health care, including prescription medicine, should be readily accessible for all Oregonians at a cost that is affordable and not a choice between health care and food and shelter. There should be no question regarding a woman’s (or man's - if it came to that) right to make medical and health decisions regarding their own bodies.


I support the “Health Care Is a Human Right” ballot measure, placed on the November election ballot by the Legislature.  The amendment would add a section to the state constitution establishing a right to "cost-effective, clinically appropriate and affordable health care" for every Oregon resident. The amendment would require the state to balance the obligation of ensuring a right to healthcare against funding public schools and other essential public services. The amendment also states that legal remedies for lawsuits brought against the proposed section may not interfere with the balance between a right to healthcare and funding other essential public services.

This would be the first amendment adopted by any state to secure a right to affordable healthcare for all state residents.


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