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Police and Fire Protection

Police Car Lights
Police Car Lights

I am a big supporter and fan of our police and firefighting professionals for the reasons described below. Just like in society at large there are a few issues of professionalism in police ranks. These issues should  be dealt with by  sensible improvements and reforms in recruitment, accountability, and training, which I support, but not by “defunding”.


We need these professional services to maintain a civilized society.

My father was a fireman in Fulton Missouri and my wife, Tana served as Assistant Fire Chief in Latrobe, California volunteer fire department. My nephew was an Oregon State Patrol  Officer and later Siuslaw Nation Police Chief.

Firehouse Gear

 Our home (like thousands of others in Southern Oregon), all our contents, business equipment and records burned to the ground on Sept 8, 2020, Seeing the dedication and bravery of firefighters and being assisted in evacuation and aftermath by police how could we not have total respect for these heroic men and women? We certainly do.


As we know, there are a few issues of professionalism in a police department just as in the general populace and these problems must be addressed. I support sensible improvements and reforms in hiring and training in these critical professions.

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