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Women's Rights

I fully support women’s rights and in Oregon, we need to continue to protect a woman’s right to make private decisions with her health-care provider regarding medical procedures affecting her body.

I have spoken with many people who are outraged at the opinion of SCOTUS overturning 50 years of established personal medical rights of legal protections for women to control their own bodies. No government Has any business interfering in any person's private decisions to deal with their own health and medical issues and their own “Right to Life”, as a born, living human being.

Sadly, many other personal rights are being threatened by an ideologically extreme and unbalanced ‘Supreme Court’ and are being used once again to divide us.

This actually highlights yet another reason to see the anti-democratic Electoral College abolished. Four of those extremist judges- lied in their confirmation hearings- calling Roe “established law” when they were obviously on an ideological mission to overturn it. Those 4 were appointed by presidents who significantly lost their popular vote elections; Bush Jr (by 540,000 votes) and the former guy (by 4 + million in 2016 and then by 7 + million in 2020). The slave states’ Electoral College needs to go away to protect all of our rights!​​

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