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Below are many of Kim Wallan’s “No” votes on bills that were passed by the Oregon House of Representatives from 2019 to 2022 plus a few bills that she wasn’t present to vote on perhaps because she was part of the Republican Leadership that organized a walk out to avoid voting on a major climate bill in 2020. You can read much more about each of these bills by clicking on the link: The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart and then clicking on the bill you want to learn about.

2/26/19: Nay on SB 608 – Prohibits No-Cause Rental evictions

3/14/19: Nay on HB 2975 – Reduces Oregon’s “Kicker” tax rebate

3/27/19: Nay on HB 2016 – Establishes a Worker’s Right to Participate in Labor Unions

4/11/19: Nay on HB 2303 – Repeals Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine as Class 3 Controlled substances

4/23/19: Nay on HB 2013 -- Establishes Statewide Protocols for Firearm Removal from Domestic Abusers

5/01/19: Nay on HB 3427 – Increases Business Taxes to Enhance School Funding

5/20/19: Nay on HB 3076 – Establishes Standards for nonprofit hospitals

​5/29/19: Nay on SB 90 -- Prohibits Single-Use Plastic Straws at Restaurants Unless Asked For

6/03/19: Nay on SB 698 – Requires Second Language on Prescription Drug Labels

6.04.19: Nay on SB 910 -- Expands Access to Substances That Can Stop Overdoses and Treat Addiction

6.04.19: Nay on SB 420 -- Establishes Procedures for the Expungement of Marijuana Related Convictions

6.04.19: Nay on SB 731 -- Authorizes College and University Student Governments to Take Positions on Initiatives and Ballot Measures

6.05.19: Nay on SB 870 -- Authorizes Interstate Agreement to Elect the President by Popular Vote

6.05.19: Nay on HB 2623 -- Establishes Temporary Ban on Fracking

6.06.19: Nay on HB 2983 -- Requires Disclosure of Organizations Giving Certain Monetary Donations to Campaigns

6.17.19: Nay on HB 2020 -- Establishes a Cap-and-Trade Program

6.18.19: Nay on HB 2015 – Authorizes Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Workers

6.20.19: Nay on HB 2270 – Authorizes a Ballot Measure to Increase Tobacco Taxes

6.20.19: Nay on HB 2005 – Requires 12 Weeks of Paid Medical Leave

6.20.19: Nay on SB 998 – Authorizes Bicyclists to Yield at Stop Signs

6:30.19: Did Not Vote on SB 861 – Requires State to Pay for Ballot Return Envelopes

2.14.20: Did Not Vote on HB 2047 – Authorizes the PUC to Provide to Provide Assistance to Low Income Earners

2.17.20: Did Not Vote on SJR 202 – Authorizes a Ballot Referendum Vote on Universal Health Care

2.19.20: Nay on HB 4109 – Prohibits Aerial Pesticide Applications of Chlorpyrifos

6.26.20: Nay on SB 626 – Extends a Cell Phone Tax to Pay for Public Broadband Projects

8.10.20: Nay on HB 4302 – Limits Number of Onshore Exploration Sites and Oil Wells

12.21.20: Did Not Vote on HB 4401 – Requires Distribution of Unpaid Rent During State of Emergencies

4.06.21: Nay on HB 2009 – Establishes Foreclosure and Mortgage Assistance

4.14.21: Nay on HB 3115 – Amends Homeless Laws to Allow Homeless Communities to Seek Shelter on Public Property

4.29.21: Nay on SB 554 – Authorizes Local Governments and School District to Prohibit Guns on Capital and State Property

5.11.21: Nay on SB 282 – Extends the Time Period for Late Rent Payments Through the End of February 2022

5.19.21: Nay on SJR 12 – Amends the State Constitution to Establish Healthcare as a Right for All Citizens

5.24.21: Nay on HB 3291 – Requires Ballots Be Returned by Mail to be Postmarked by the Date of the Election

6.02.21: Nay on SJM 4 – Alleges Congress Should Implement Reparations for African Americans

6.17.21: Nay on HB 3265 – Expands and Strenghtens the State’s Sanctuary Law

6.24.21: Nay on HB 3352 – Expands Insurance Eligibility for Undocumented Immigrants Not Covered by Medicaid

9.27.21: Nay on SB 882 – Amends State Legislative Districts

9.27.21: Nay on SB 881 – Amends State Congressional Districts

2.16.22: Nay on HB 4133 – Authorizes Voter Registration Without State-issued ID

2.24.22: Nay on SB 1513 – Requires Employers to Notify Employees of Mandatory Overtime Hours in Advance

2.28.22: Nay on HB 4117 – Establishes a Grant Program Assisting Low-Income Residents

3.01.22: Nay on HB 4002 – Requires Overtime Pay for Farm Workers

3.02.22: Nay on HB 4139 – Establishes a Dept. of Transportation Program to Reduce Emissions

3.02.22: Nay on HB 4034 – Exempts Certain Drugs from Prescription Requirements; Authorizes Reproductive Education Programs

3.03.22: Nay on SB 1536 – Increases Renter Access to Air Conditioning

3.03.22: Nay on SB 1518 – Establishes the Task Force on Resilient Efficient Buildings

3.04.22: Nay on SB 1560 – Amends State Immigration Laws by Replacing ‘Alien’ with ‘Non-Citizen’

3.04.22: Nay on SB 1556 – Requires the Dept. of Human Services to Adopt Certification Standards for Home-Based Caregivers

3.04.22: Nay on SB 1547 – Establishes New Background Check and Transportation Regulations for Childcare Programs

3.04.22: Nay on HB 5201 – Establishes New Fees for Marijuana Businesses

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